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On the path to fixing grout that dried light.

My Bostick Unsanded Jamoca grout dried white. I just brushed with 66% vinegar solution and wiped with a damp towel. I don’t think it is working. By rinsing well do you mean a sopping wet towel? I can not find anywhere to buy Bostick colorant and sealer. So, I guess I will go with Maipei. However, I guess I will have to get new caulk to match that? So, basically since grout often dries light, it will no longer match the original caulk you bought to match. What a pain. Anyone have color charts in hand to tell me what colorant matches Bostick Jamoca? And it is probably not good enough to match my Jamoca caulk. Or, do you know a place where I can mail order Bostick colorant? That would be preferable. Thank you. This is only my most recent problem....oh, the grout has been drying at least a week. Thank you very much.
Mary Ann
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