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Back when we installed a lot of Saltillo we would always soak them in a large tub. The reason to soak them was to get enough moisture in the tiles to grout. Dry Saltillo dries the grout so fast that it turns to powder within a few seconds. Soaking the tiles allows the grout to dry slow enough to spread and wash the grout. Efflorescence would usually appear after 7-10 days and the tile and grout was usually washed with a mild acid wash and rinsed well. It was then allowed to dry another 7-10 days before a stain and sealer was applied. I'm not saying this is the only or best way to install them, It's just how I was taught.

In later years some of the Saltillo were sold pre-sealed and would be installed without soaking.

You called them Lincoln tiles which I assume would be Lincoln Tecate tiles. What we always called Tecate tiles were clay tiles very similar to Saltillo. Of course some people had other names like Terra Cotta tiles.
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