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@cx - the fireplace is supported by the subfloor; it's a firebox with brick surrounding the face (or brick used to surround it).

Thank you for confirmation on the ordering, CBU then leveling. That's what made the most sense to me, I just had a couple recommendations (one from a manufacturer) going the other direction that didn't sit right with me. Trying to put CBU on top of leveler (cured or wet) seemed suspect.

If you can re-check my option #3 because it sounds like you endorse that one; CBU then SLC to level on top of it. #4 was a similar process just subbing out the SLC for mortar that I could hand trowel/screed. And any input on mixing CBU thicknesses to minimize the volume of leveling fill needed? Seems like it'd reduce dead load a bit as well as save $, but does seem hackish - anyone with good/bad experience with this?

New question thinking about dead load made me think of, do folks endorse NOT tiling under kitchen cabinets? I can definitely just put extra plywood/cbu under the cabinets to bring it up to finished floor height - definitely would reduce dead load around the room a bit. Quick googling looks like folks are split on cabinets then floor and vice-versa, and when its separate trades doing things I get order my come into play just for logistics, but this is all me on this project.
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