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Welcome, Steve.

You don't mention your joist structure and that's an important consideration in determining whether your floor structure is at all suitable for a ceramic tile installation.

Of your plans number 1 through 5, all but number 4 are non-starters and number 4 would only be acceptable if you used an SLC or other suitable patching material to flatten the floor on top of your properly installed CBU.

But first let's talk about your joist structure.

And a little more about just how your installed your second layer of subflooring. Did you use a full spread of wood glue to do the "laminating?" Are the second layer panels oriented with the strength axis perpendicular to the joist structure?

Adding between-joist blocking will do nothing at all to improve your joist design deflection. If you need to stiffen your joists, I would recommend you remove the subfloor to do that, which also gives you the option of bringing the joist tops into plane to help your flatness situation.

This brick hearth was built on top of the wood-framed floor structure?

My opinion; worth price charged.

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