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I deleted the thread because my husband said they were planning to put a threshold to cover that grace vycor plus flashing area. We just had a detailed discussion about it and decided that we could probably put 1/4" durarock over it to level that area out. However, he seems to be of the impression that we can just use thinset to level the areas that aren't perfectly flat. I have tried to show him the evidence against that - especially for a 24" tile. We are cleaning out the entire room now to throw a level on that floor because what I "thought" was level - he is saying is out 1/4" in 4 ft. So we are going to go put a real number on it. I'm telling him that if it's out that much then we do need to put a self leveling underlayment across the whole floor.

Original post that I attempted to delete:

Hi all! We came across this forum as we are searching for information on how to tile our basement appropriately. We are in the final stages of our home build. The basement floor was intended to be stained concrete. However, our incompetent GC (who we parted ways with last year) placed support piers at the wrong height, among other things, that caused the slab to be unsuitable as a finished floor. We wanted to place a concrete topping over the top of the slab; however, we have ultimately decided that tiling seems like it would be a cheaper and easier finishing method at this point. There is an expansion joint in one of the rooms to be tiled, and so we plan to place Nobleseal CIS over that joint (possibly the entire floor) before tiling. We are using 7x24 wood look tiles.

The question we have is about leveling the floor at the sliding door threshold. The basement is composed of ICF, and the slab did not extend over the ICF at the threshold, so there is an area of exposed styrofoam and Grace Vycor Plus flashing, that is 1/4-1/2" lower than the concrete slab. We have been unable to find any information about placing self leveling concrete underlayment with polyethylene flashing as a substrate. We know that it depends on which brand of underlayment we use, but what kind of primer should we put on this area before pouring the self leveler, if any? And can we just pour the self leveler in this small threshold area or would we have to pour it over the entire floor, even though the rest of the floor is relatively level? Or is there something else we should use to level this area prior to tiling? We found this Latapoxy Waterproof Flashing Mortar that adheres to flashing. Is that something we should consider using?

Thanks so much for your expert advice!! Our GC basically took us for all we had, so we are finishing all on our own now, and, after 2 years, the bank has decided they've had enough and have given us a deadline to finish - July 15.
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