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Hi Renee,
I'll answer the first two questions, for a typical dry pack what I see there is not close. That look like it was mixed to a flowable consistency, not damp beach sand so I'd confirm too much water was used for sure. It's mixed and tooled dry for the exact reason you are showing, too wet and it sticks to your tools and is very difficult to leave a flat bed. Is it a do-over...?, well I do find it ironic that "flattening of the floor prep" is not to any degree what most would call acceptable. It was done to get the floor ready and flat for tile so a red flag for me on the finish work. Nice guy or not.

It can be saved if it's a good install like Kevin has mentioned, but to me if the whole purpose of the mud job was to prep for the tile, why in the world create an obstacle that large to fight in the tile job, 3/8ths off!? Doesn't make sense to me.
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