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I read through under deck mud section, I know my contractor used metal lath, not sure about roofing felt, he mentioned it when we were still at planning installing cement board. He did tell me that he made it mud pack pretty thick but not sure if the thickness was close to what mr. John bridge instructed.

My contractor is really descent guy and he reinforced the floor by blocking without me asking him, and he always leave clean site and he’s late 40’s and has a license since 1990’s. So it really puzzles me why he left the floor like that. I did text him a deck mud link and told him to let’s discuss it tomorrow.

My questions are below

1. Say mud mix was bit watery than how it should have been, what can be done to remedy, I’m willing to do over, ——- my contract left my home around 4-ish and I got home 7:30 and you can tell the mud was soft to touch, was too scare to press any hard, it felt like if I gave it a press then it will dent. By reading deck mud, John mentions that the mix shouldn’t be workable after 45mnts, this tells me the mix was definitely watery than said recommendation.

2.if The current mix is okay/passable, I’ll just need to make sure the floor will get even. Can anyone confirm that what Kevin recoomened ( for little hollow area to fill here and there) can be used on top of DRIED mud? Is self leveling same thing?

3. Subfloor plywood has expansion but mud bed pretty much covered all gaps between floor and wall, please let me know if this is okay..

I can only find a YouTube video on shower floor, if anyone can post a link for deck mud on regualar powderromm floor.
Thanks everyone....

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