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Mortar bed uneveness help

Hi everyone,

Before I begin, I’d like to thank you everyone for taking your valuable time and knowledge to help others.

My tile contractor is working on tiny powder room, 5x3, the house is about 100 years old, when he ripped out the plywood, the diagonal tong and groove hardwood subfloor under neath was so rotten, he suggested to replace the subfloor, so we did with 3/4” acx exterior 1 grade subfloor. After subfloor, he suggested floating motar bed with metal lath, since I read somewhere that this is great method for uneven floor, I took his suggestion, now I’m checking the floor and the floor is not even with some towel mark, you tube video that I found has really smooth even surface where mine is very bumpy and from 4ft leveler, there is some hollow space in between about 3/8”. He’s coming back tomorrow to set tile, is this okay? He’s nice guy and I trust him to do the right thing but I want to ask everyone here what is acceptable and not. Please help!!
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