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Kerdi fix on tile flange + Wedi

Hi all,

Back again in the bathroom saga that never seems to end. I am supposed to have a tile contractor come in to redo the work I had to rip out (see previous posts for background or a good laugh). He is using Wedi, where I had used Kerdi before. When I ripped out the Kerdi board, the flange has the Kerdi fix and a bit of the fleece stuck to it.

From what I've read/seen my understanding is that the Wedi is mounted in front of the tile flange on the side of the tub, and above the flange on the ends (just like Kerdi). If the contractor installs the Wedi, is it ok to keep the flange the way it is in the picture or do I need to remove all the old Kerdi fix? If I do need to remove the Kerdi fix, any tips on how to remove it?

I was thinking that maybe the Wedi could just be set on top of the flat edge where the Kerdi board was previously, and then just sealed on the bottom edge and then across the face of the Wedi. The contractor didn't seem too concerned about it when I mentioned it to him, but has been a bit of a challenge getting a hold of him/getting a solid date for him to start.
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