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I'll try to answer your questions the best I can with my limited knowledge. The floor appears very level (using a four foot level) and doesn't have problems with dips.

I just checked and the "OSB" is AdvanTech flooring from Huber - I don't know anything about the stuff, or whether it is suitable for tile.

I don't know if the CBU was screwed to the joists, but I know it was done exactly according to the Durock instructions (every 6 or 8 inches or something like that). I remember it took forever and a ton of screws.

The tile I popped up was not a cut tile. I'm also pretty sure their wasn't any back buttering of the tiles, so if adhesion is a problem with porcelain, we may be in trouble.

As far as I know, the bathroom framing, CBU, etc. was the same as the kitchen. It's possible my husband may have been a bit more aggressive in pushing the tiles down up in the bathroom. I also believe this may have been my father-in-law's first time laying porcelain tile (as opposed to ceramic). I could be wrong though.

Let me know what else I can do to help.
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