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Everything is solid as a rock.

There is no surface water proofing other than red guard coming about in inch or so off the wall. See pic. The only other thing, and I don’t have a pic of it, is that I skim coated the floor with thin set and when dried I sanded it smooth with an orbital sander but afterwards I can’t imagine any of it being very thick as I went back to mortar in several places, wanted to eliminate any minute bird bathing

The area with the cracking is circled in yellow. There was a small void under the green tape as well, my fault, and I believe that is why those tiles went dark. When we continued to use the shower I put frog tape over that void and that area seemed to lighten as other areas darkened and spread. This is another reason I believe this is an excessive grout penetration issue.

But if water is expressing at the grout around the drain for over 12 hrs I am concerned about the weep holes too.
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