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You can do it either way. When you set the curb, try to get a little slope into the shower with it. It only needs about 1/8" to achieve the 1/4"/foot value. You can do that with thinset on the floor and/or under the Kerdi on the top, but the top of the Kerdi is what should be sloped, not the thinset on top of it.

Depends on if you want to see caulk (or an expansion joint profile) on top or on its edge. IF you set it first, then bring the tile down, it's a bit tricky to get the edge of the marble and tile around it on the wall since most of the time, it sticks out beyond the edge of the top of the curb. Depends on the size and shape of your marble cap. On most of them, you can smooth and round the edges/corners with sandpaper.
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