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Jay, pulling a building permit on this project is a very good idea, but keep in mind that the building code is the absolute minimum requirement for any portion of the construction and many code compliance inspectors are not even aware of all those minimums. You can't depend upon code compliance to save you from less than competent contractors.

Once you have satisfied the structural requirements of your local code, I'd strongly recommend you find one of the ceramic tile industry accepted preparation methods that fits your application and do whatever it takes in your particular situation to prepare your structure to use that method.

Not really reasonable to depend upon outsiders such as you'll find on the Internet to see and correct all deficiencies you might have. Best we can do is tell you in general what you need to accomplish your goal. You need to determine what it will take in your specific situation to make each of those things happen.

We can tell you the deck must be properly sloped; we can tell you what you need to do to slope it. We can tell you that it needs to be made properly watertight and flashed to adjoining structure; we can't tell you exactly how that must be done without being on site. We can tell you what types of materials you must use or not use to prepare for the ceramic tile installation; you'll need to make the selections to suit your application. Etc.

My opinion; worth price charged.


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