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Hi All,

Well if you like boring questions, here's another.

Removing the drywall in the bathroom I was struck by the fact that when the house was first built (typical 20 year old subdivision home), the builder used green board in the tub area and regular drywall everywhere else.

Now the strange part, most of the green board was ruined but the regular drywall everywhere else showed no signs of moisture damage or degrade.

So, here’s the question…………. would using regular 1/2" drywall ( I have it on hand now) everywhere but the tub area (I’m using wonder board there) be the thing to do?

I've seen others use green board everywhere in a typical 8'X6' bathroom and I’ve also seen others use regular drywall everywhere in the bathroom except the tub area. I do plan on installing a 140 CFM bathroom fan.

Regards and many thanks.
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