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First order of business this morning was replacing a leaking coolant hose on the MIL's car. With that out of the way I turned my attention to the bathroom...

The tiles came up very easily, just the tip of a small prybar under and a tap with the mini sledge and they popped right off. Hardly any mortar coverage. Both layers of ply were rotted around the drain, so I used an oscillating saw with a grout blade to cut the grout and mortar down around the perimeter, then wood blades to cut through them. They both pried out pretty easily.

The top layer was 3/4", the bottom layer only 1/2". Seemed backwards. Nails only no glue between the bottom layer and joists. I was able to get them up without disturbing the adjacent tiles. Cut the supply and drain down below the joists.

I'm looking at using a 5/8" bottom layer and 3/8" top layer, with Ditra on top of that for the substrate. I'll then use whatever sized trowel will get the selected tile to match up to the existing ones.

I'll sister in some 2x4s and run some between the joists as Jim suggested. The tricky spot is on the left side here where the vanity is. It's very crowded under there with HVAC ducts and the drain from the sink. I don't think I'll be able to get any parallel to the joists but should be able to get a couple in perpendicular.
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