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This bathroom and the adjacent master bath were both remodeled (a couple years apart by different people) and the PVC pipe seems to be related to those jobs. The original piping looks to be ABS. Whatever they did it doesn't seem to be leaking

Fortunately I should be able to replace the drain without having to touch any of the PVC. In the photo it's the black one to the lower right, there's plenty of length so I figure I can cut it out a couple feet below the floor, install the new drain, then have plenty of room to fit the pipe.

Jim that is exactly how I was planning to set the toilet when the time comes. It's how I did the one at my house which is rock solid. I found the stainless flange and will use one of those instead of the plastic one.

Copy on the plywood patch. I suspect it's going to be easier to plan on pulling all the tile, cutting out the top layer of ply with a toe kick saw (can rent one for a day from HD for $31, or buy a cheap one from HF for ~$55) or multi tool, then see what the first layer needs.
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