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Fernco is a company like 3M, and each make lots of different products. Inside a house, you can use a product made by Fernco, it's a banded coupler, not a rubber sleeve with two clamps on it, which they also make.

You really don't want to use that flange you want a flange with a SS ring so it won't rust out. An all-plastic flange ring tends to bend and crack.

A toilet that rocks typically results in two things:
- water leaks
- sewer gas leaks

The magic to a reliable install is to first set the toilet in place to locate where and if shims are necessary (it generally works best to try to shim in the back to pin the front down when possible), remove the toilet while preserving the shim placement, set the wax, then set the toilet.

Especially over tile, the flange bolts alone usually won't keep it from moving, and on a plastic flange ring if you try to tighten it too much, warps and later cracks the need to seal it around the front. This also does a couple of things:
- keeps the toilet from moving
- keeps crud from accumulating under the bottom from misses or mop water, etc.

When making a plywood patch, you really want to bridge two full joist bays so the patch isn't hanging by the fasteners on the needs support in the middle. You can get by if you add bridging to provide that support if you can't.
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