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Why are my ?*&%!@# photos sideways!!!

If you are getting sideways photos when you upload them to the site then here's how you fix it:

It's all in the way that you hold your phone.

Exhibit A:

Name:  Vertical 2 (Medium).jpg
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Size:  21.4 KB

Here I'm holding my phone vertically. Everything looks ok. Then I upload it and this is how it turns out.

Name:  Vertical 1 (Medium).jpg
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Size:  21.8 KB

Exhibit B:

Name:  Horizontal 2 (Medium).jpg
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Size:  22.1 KB

However if you were to hold your phone horizontally when you take your photos then it will upload like this.

Name:  Horizontal 1 (Medium).jpg
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Size:  21.9 KB

The moral of the story:

Turn your phones sideways!
Jim Upton

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