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You came up at the top over here in Phoenix.


I google chandler tile contractor (for me) and get pretty good results but the description is all mumbo jumbo. I changed that yesterday but I don't know when google will pick up on it. I wouldn't click on it if I was a customer

I hope my changes don't reflect badly on the ranking though.

I like the site. Something I notice is you could have named the file names closer to what they are. Something like "travertine-installation-maui.jpg" because google sees those as keywords, from my understanding. You can add some keywords on the "alt" tag as well.

Your site is obviously doing well. You also rank well for many other keywords 2-3 place.

I don't know that my suggestion will help much, maybe take your rank from 2nd to 1st, maybe not. Maybe John will weigh in on that one. I'm no expert either!
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