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Glad to have the help, Daniel, but slow down a bit. Let's take things one at a time. They are tile setters (like me), remember?

I'm pretty sure the All in One SEO package for Word Press needs to be added in or activated, Jack. Check with Shifty (Dave) aka oakview on the forums. He built using WP.

Okay, so I've mentioned only two tags to be found in the head of every web page. The title tag is usually always there, but the description may not be (it does need to be added, though). The head starts with <head> and ends with </head>. That forward slash always means end in HTML, which is what you're looking at. HTML means Hyper-text markup language, otherwise known as code. That code is what tells someone's browser what to display on the front of the page. Robots like HTML and text. Pictures are less important than text as far as robots are concerned. Most robots don't even see them.
From the top of the page down, look line by line for the <title> tag. after the tag you should have some useful info pertaining to your business. The title in the head does not have to agree with the tile of the page that everyone sees, BTW. It should contain the name of your business, the word "tile" and your location. That's at a minimum. You can have a little more, but Google will only use about ten words of it. When you find the title come back on and tell us what it says now.,

Google, BTW, controls better than fifty percent of the market in search, and all the others follow along behind. Get your site ranked on Google, and the rest (Yahoo for one) will come around automatically. You don't even have to mess with them.

Ignore Gueuze, not when he's talking about tile but when he's talking about web sites.
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