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Got this PM from my webby person sunday evening....

we need more pics!!! more more more!! And some content. Did you have content on tileporn or not? If not I can scout around for some content and punch it up with keywords.

I want you to come up in searches. Do you have a google places page? If not, let me set one up for you. If you do, let me know the username and pw for it. (in my yahoo mail). I'm going to do a sitemap and also set you up on analytics.

Do you have a linkedin acct? Also, I need either your existing youtube acct or you/we need to create one that's "business like" for your site -- all I mean is with relevant vids tagged correctly. We'll leave the snarky stuff for the tileporn website... and we'll tie them all in (btw, I bought a couple of keyword rich names that we'll point at the site and see which ones bring in the traffic and we'll just not renew the others.


Stuff like that, right?

oh, so I now have a site, well, actually 2. She's pretty bossy and might even force me to list it here.

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