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floor patch material?

Hello again! No takers on my Schluter drain grate question.. Looks to me like it's an inverted topcoat spacer you trim to tile thickness and the "brim" piece fits exactly in the Schluter drain pan recess?

Today's question: What are suitable materials for floor patching before applying Ditra Heat to my 3/4 plywood subfloor? For a 40 mile drive I could get Pro Patch, which I've used before and is suitable for wet areas. Level Best is available at the local building supply store but I see they don't recommend it for wet areas. The salesperson of that store did recommend Ardex, but wasn't clear about which one to use. They have three different ones: AM100, x32 and x77. I'll need to level an area of floor that is out of level by 11/16 in 42 inches and feather to nothing. Does anyone use thinset for this? I have to keep things pretty flat as well: my floor thickness is good at the threshold and we want the install to be wheelchair friendly. The main floor will be 4x24 tiles and I plan to use the Lash system to avoid lippage. I'm still struggling with layout and flatness issues: how much undulation will that size tile tolerate? I haven't set a lot of large tile like this and could use some coaching. Can anyone recommend any articles and techniques? Thanks!
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