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The niche is on and exterior, 2x6 framed wall. I've had none of the issue you've mentioned. It was 3 layers of 1/2" EPS foam (4 counting the Wedi) that was tightly sandwiched together. The EPS foam board I used had an r-value of 3.2 per 1/2" and the Wedi 1/2" panel has an r-value of 2 I believe. So total r-value of 11.6, while a bit low, I've seen no problems. I live in western Washington. Pretty mild climate that doesn't get too cold in the winter nor to hot in summer... usually stays in the mid to upper 30's with occasionally colder temps in winter and 60-90 in summer. I actually did press my hand against the niche a few times during a snow storm we had a couple months ago and it felt fine to me.
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