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The AS studio suite tub has an integrated tiling flange, so there was no need to use the wedi butyl tub sealing tape in my case. I was able to notch the bottom of the Wedi building panels and seal them against the tiling flange with Wedi joint sealant.

As for my choice in the waterproofing system, I just liked the way Wedi systems are installed with their sealant. That's what attracted me in the first place. It's really a personal preference. If you follow the manufacturers installation instructions, any of the well know waterproofing systems should perform just fine. Working with the foam boards is very nice...compared to cement boards. With that said, I'd have no problem using Wedi, Laticrete Hydroban board (one of their three approved installation methods for non-steam rooms is that you can also just use their sealant for waterproofing seams and fasteners), or Kerdi board. There are many others products too. I'm just most familiar with Wedi products and their installation methods. Check the manufacturers websites and they should be able to tell you local distributors where you can purchase their products.

Also, thank you for the comments
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