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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I had put it aside for a bit because I stopped using the shower for the time being and got busy with some other tasks.

But something crazy happened today and the situation got worse. I don't know what's going on. My house cleaner cleaned it today, which she has done before, and used Bona stone floor cleaner. I've attached pictures of what happened. There is so much white residue! I don't know what is causing this. I've tried cleaning with Stonetech soap scum remover, but that does nothing. Some parts I can actually rub off with my finger if I rub long enough, it kind of rubs off and rolls up under my finger. Other spots don't come up that way. I actually even tried rubbing a spot with steel wool, which I attached a picture of, and that took it off for the most part. The black arrow shows the area I used the steel wool

Anyone have any idea what's causing this and how do I stop it?

To answer Sharon from Laticrete, I sealed with 511 Seal&Enhance. I did two applications of it. The only info I can find about removing it is on their website where it says it takes 900 degree temperatures to break it down and thus the stone has be honed or sanded down. So, doesn't sound like I'm going to be removing this sealer.
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