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Loose Subway Tile

Hey there, quick question for the group. I have a bathroom that was tiled recently by a contractor. He did an amazing job, but I guess the thinset skinned over slightly in one area and two tiles came loose (long story, but he left it ungrouted and I am going to grout myself). I didn't think it was worth calling him back out for and just fixed the tiles myself, but even after grinding the edges down a bit, it was still a very tight fit (we went with a 1/16" grout joint and they were butted together without spacers). In the process of getting one tile in, an ajacent tile separated from the thinset. It's in there very tightly, I can't even get it to budge. The only reason I know it came loose is that it makes a different sound when I tap it.

My question is, can I just go ahead and grout or is that risky? FWIW, the grout is dark gray, and is unlikely to show hairline cracks if that is even a risk. I would REALLY like to grout today, and with how tightly it's in there, I also fear knocking other tiles loose if I try to extract it. Thanks for your thoughts!
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