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Welcome back, Ted.

Since Miracle was bought out by Rust-oleum a couple years back, there seems to be even less technical information about the product available online. And Rust-oleum seems not to recognize the difference between sealer and sealant, especially in the tile industry.

It's still a solvent-based product, which might render it somewhat removable, but I expect it's still a penetrating sealer and not really something that's gonna be simple to remove, if even possible to remove sufficiently to change to a different type of sealer. I just doubt you'd ever get it completely or consistently removed from your stone to the extent that another product would be able to replace it successfully. But I been wrong before.

What type of sealer did you have in mind if you think the 511 is not the correct type for your application? I'm mostly curious what type of product you expect would stop the build-up of soap scum on the surface of the stone. Perhaps changing the type of soap you use would be an easier and more effective solution.

A photo of what you're seeing might help when one of our sealing gurus stops by.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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