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Color Rite Caulk - Horrible Customer Service

Buyer beware!

I ordered some Color-sil from Color-Rite. I called and spoke with salesperson, and specifically stated I wanted a 100% Silicone, Sanded, Satin (No Sheen), caulk in my grout color. They respresentative told me no problem. I tried to pay immediately, and she said that I must order through online, in which I have to fill out a pdf order form. She instructed me to the pdf download page and then walked me through how to order. On the order form, there is option boxes, smooth, satin, and sanded. She said to check the sanded section. I tried to check both the sanded and satin section, but the .pdf will only allow you to check one box. So I filled out and order as told.

I then proceeded to remove the less than 48 hr old caulk (CBP color match to grout, 100% silicone, NO sand) with a razor blade. I spent several hours doing so, as I wanted it to be perfect, and to have clean surface for the new caulk to adhere to. A week or so later, I received the new Color-Sil caulk, and out of excitement to finish my shower (Havent been able to use since Oct 2018), I applied immediately. I did notice that this caulk had what appeared to be a grease mixed within the caulk. I figured it was some super secret ingredient, that made their caulk far superior (3x the cost of CBP Caulk) and that once it cured, that it would go away. I now know, that that grease looking stuff, was gloss.

My shower looks horrible, as I have matte grout, matte tiles, and caulk line that looks like my 4yr old made it with a glitter pen.

I emailed Color-Rite to explain what had happened, and the representative proceeded to tell me that I got what I ordered, and there was nothing they would do to correct the sitaution. So I called back, and acted like I was a new customer, and explained what I wanted, and the sales rep told me the exact same thing, how to download form, and how to fill out. I then explained that I ordered exactly like this last week, and received a gloss/sanded caulk. She then directed me towards who I assumed was manager, who emailed me and told me to kick rocks. She then proceeded to tell me that there is no way, their rep would have told me to order as I did, and that she could make what I wanted, but it would cost the $60 again, plus a $25 mixing fee. She would do me a solid, and knock off the shipping fee. I am rather appauled, as I called and explained my situation the first time, and was directed by their rep, how to order. I again called, and was told that to order what I was asking, to fill out order form the exact same way again. This manager proceeded to tell me that they have been in business for 35 years, and nothing but good things are ever said about them. Ohh, and by the way, whoever did the caulk job, is more at blame, because the caulk joint is wider than it should be.

So frustrating, as I did exactly what they directed me to, and didnt get what I wanted, what I was told I was going to get. I even called back, and the rep repeated the steps a second time. This company is more worried about not refunding me $60, for what probably costs $10. She then proceeded to tell me how horrible of a job I did with my caulk, knowing I did it myself. Talk about a slap in the face.

I now have to remove the color-sil, and reinstall what I originally had, as according to my wife, it looked a lot better the first time, when I used the CBP color match 100% silicone. Crazy, that I spent 3x as much, and it looks horrible, then the manager ridicules my work. Shame on them.

Dont make the same mistake I did, just use the color match caulk from the grout manufactor, as the color matches better, and is 1/3 of the price.
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