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No reason not to mention the source of your information, Art, 'specially if it's on a public Internet forum and is handing out tile advice. Just as the owners of this website have no problem at all with folks quoting elsewhere what's been posted here, they allow other sites to be quoted here. Nothing "incriminating" in that as I see it.

with other posters suggesting they usually moistened their tile before setting
That's a bit different from recommending "wetting the back of the tile." Nothing at all wrong with having a damp substrate or a damp tile when using the thinset method of bonding, but there's no allowance for a wet tile or a wet substrate in that application.

But thinset mortars are designed to be used generally with dry tiles and dry substrates and without any need for additional bonding agents except for some liquid additives designed to be mixed with unmodified dry-set mortars when recommended by the manufacturer.

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