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Yeah, I thought it probably should have been here right after I wrote it.

The current joists are 2x8's on 16" centers. I was planning on doubling that to 8" centers. I have removed all the subfloor in the foyer but I think the connecting hall is to small to warrent that. My main issue is the adjoining rooms hardwood flooring. The overall thickness in those rooms is about 1".

My plan is to shave and shim the uneven existing floor joists. Add the additional joists on 8" centers. Glue and screw 19/32" T&G plywood to the joists. Glue and screw 15/32 plywood on top with stagered joints. Then top with thinset, ditra, thinset, and marble.

So, how long till the marble cracks or grout seperates? :-(

BTW, I need a recomendation for an unsanded grout for polished marble (not sure what kind yet) with tight joints.

Thanks all,
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