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CX is correct in that it does not meet industry standard and is not water proof. Intermentant water only. I do have to say though that I frequent a SUBWAY sandwich shop I done 6 years ago where I did use the TEC sanded grout caulking in an expansion floor joint and also around the perimeter where tile meets base tile. To this day it all looks in perfect condition and this is a public setting.

The correct industry standard caulking for traffic areas is something like an isoelastic caulking that is used in the concrete construction. This type would be traffic bearing, waterproof and/or water-resistant. Problem is finding a place to purchase it first, then trying to find a matching color.

Oh BTW I did find that the isoelastics carried by concrete supply houses ussually does cost about half or less then what the grout caulkings go for.

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