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Both 272 and 317 are unmodified, so you would have to buy some additive to make one of them modified. You can use Versabond for the whole thing (Ditra and Kerdi) if you're not concerned about Schluter's warranty.

If you do want the warranty, go with modified under Ditra, and unmodified for everything else. The brand you buy will be determined by where you shop and what's available there. Laticrete Multipurpose and Mapei Ultraflex are good modified thinsets, and Laticrete Megabond and Mapei Kerabond are decent unmodified thinsets, as well as the 272 and 317. Most here are not fans of the one unmodified thinset that HD offers, hence the use of Versabond for everything by some.

Use the same trowel for the tile, regardless of whether it's going on the wall or floor. The trowel you have for installing Ditra will work fine.

What brand of primer did you use for the drywall?

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