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Need advice on subfloor

I need some expert's opinions here because my husband has about had it with my "little" project and I need to finish it.
I little background. The house was built in 1924 and the living room consists of the original room plus a front porch that was closed in and made part of the living room. I would guess this was done in the 1960's or 70's. The original floor of the porch was built slanting downward toward the outside. When it was closed in joists were fashioned out of 2x6's cut at and angle to sort of match the floor plus compensate for the various irregularities of and old porch floor. They were toe nailed onto the porch floor and tied to the joists of the house at the edge where it meets the house. Two layers of 1/2 inch plywood was put on this to make it level with the original oak flooring in the living room and then carpet put over all of it. I couldn't take the carpet anymore so I pulled up the floor on the porch section. The original porch floor was in good condition. On most of the floor I cut the joists to make them 3/4 in lower so I could put the subfloor back and then oak strips to make it match the original living room. By now you are probably wondering where the tile question comes in, but I'm almost there In the corner on the old porch area where the front door is, the bottom layer of the plywood is under the door frame and I couldn't see a good way of getting it out so I left the joists and bottom plywood alone in that area thinking I wanted tile in front of the door anyway. I got 12x12 slate to put there thinking it was sturdy and would hide the dirt well. I'm trying to figure out what to do for subflooring. Right now there is the one layer of 1/2 in plywood (which I can't get out short of taking the door out, which needs to be replaced anyway, but that is a summer project). I tried to use the deflecto but didn't know how joists that are resting on a solid surface count. The span is 6 to 7 ft and is 3 to 4 ft wide. I now realize that the slate is going to end up higher than the oak so will need a reducer.
Thank you if you made it this far and for any help, Lynn.

p.s. one more question that is off topic a little. I have read on here that when putting on the second layer of plywood to avoid the joists, is this true under wood flooring also?
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