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subfloor advice

What a great website...someone at Handymanwire pointed me this way. Me? I am a semi-retired guy doing home repairs for fun and mad money...when I'm not moose hunting that is. Here's my current project:

I am working on a 20 year old home in hot & humid NC. 2 main rooms on the main floor over a crawlspace...a previously carpeted sunroom and a ajoining kitchen/half bath that had a bad tile job. The 14ft x 14ft Sunroom: I removed the 3/4" particle board and screwed new 3/4" T&G plywood over the 1/2" OSB into the 2x10's on 16" centers...nice firm floor now...a few waves but way better than it was. Planning on laying 1/4" Hardiboard on top with 1/4" thinset sandwiched between...nailing hardiboard down into the plywood avoiding nailing into the joists. My questions on this room are 1) should I use nails of should I screw, 2) what is the standard for when floor leveling compound is required. The ajoining kitchen has been stripped to the original vinyl flooring...the 1/4" hardibacker was not thinset'ed to the vinyl, just screwed. As it stands now, the top of the old vinyl is the same elevation as the new 3/4" T&G in the sunroom...under the vinyl is a 5/8" 4-ply plywood sitting on the same 1/2" OSB as the sunroom. My questions on this room are 1) can I just screw the 1/4" Hardiboard over the old vinyl without using thinset? No nails, but screws. It appears it worked for 10 years before, and I don't see the thinset adhearing well to the vinyl, and 2) Do I need to install some type of expansion joint between the 2 rooms? What is the general rule on when to use expansion joints?
Wonderful site here...I've bookmarked and I'll be back. Thanks in advance...MB2N
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