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Welcome, Stew.

Somewhat surprised your engineer was happy with your ripping your joists, given that you now don't know what grade of lumber you're now working with. But if your unsupported span is only 9 feet, and if your joists are a full 8 inches deep, and if your joist spacing is 16 inches on center or less, you should be within the required design deflection of L/360 or better unless the joists are in rather poor condition.
Originally Posted by Stew
...the plywood is glued/screwed and nailed with .131 nails.
Goodness! The screws and glue would have been plenty if the schedule was adequate.

But the plywood orientation is the problem. You don't indicate the thickness or grade, but the incorrect orientation makes it almost certainly insufficient and I'm surprised the engineer didn't point that out. Wish you hadn't done that.

Post 10 in the Shower Construction Thread in our Liberry will give you some insight into the problem.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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