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I'm with Mrs. Mike, Mike; commandeer that closet for the shower. However, if you do so you might consider also relocating the drain so that it is more centered in the shower. Doing so mean chipping out concrete, and a bit of plumbing work on the drain line. Easy for me to say, 'eh?

If you built it correctly wood isn't an issue. Water can come from the shower itself, or up through the slab. Correct water proofing will eliminate water getting to the wood from the shower, and plastic between the wood and the slab will do the trick there.

You could absolutely use Schluter's system (Kerdi), or a number of different brands. If you do then you can use a single, sloped mud bed, a Kerdi drain, and cover the mud bed with Kerdi, thus reducing the height of the shower floor and enabling a slightly lower curb. My choice for the walls would be water proof foam boards, but you could certainly use plain old white drywall and cover that with Kerdi. The foam boards, though, are a little more DIY friendly, but also a bit more expensive.

Can't tell from here what it would take to eliminate the angled entry. Could be as simple as adding a bit of framing in the ceiling and some drywall work, or there might be something up there that is in the way.
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