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thinset for tile over tile? - edited

newbie here and have done my own tile a lot in the past as a homeowner and as a GC, but been in a desk job for years now and a little fuzzy.

Currently in a home that unfortunately only has one bathroom. Getting ready to retile and wanted to go over the old tile to save time and effort vs ripping it all out. The extra height is also actually helpful in my situation. Old tile is a cheapo 12x12 fairly smooth glazed tile. Also putting a small 20"x 6 foot section of heating wire under part of the new tile.

Now, if I'm laying over top, what thinset/mortar/etc will give me the best adhesion to the old tile? Conversely, is this just a horrible idea? I did a test spot and put some cheap premixed on top of a tile to test adhesion and wasn't super thrilled. Did wash the tile first and hit one section with some 40 grit to rough it up.

Thanks for the advice.

Editted- original post asked about mastic

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