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While I don't count myself to be on the bleeding edge of geekdom, cx, I have bought a number of PC's in my lifetime and have used even more, and live in the professional hell known as IT.

If you not one to upgrade your PC every few years - and that you're still running Win7 indicates you're clearly not one, buy the best you can afford. IMO, you don't need to max out on the processor speed, but you do want to bump RAM up to 16G if possible. If there is an option to bump Video memory, do that, too.

The SSD they are specifying will be fine for your needs, unless you are storing, or intend to, tons of data/photos.

If you are not going to use the laptop connected to a separate large monitor get a laptop with a touch screen. While you're clicking that touch screen option button consider, too, opting for a better screen if there's one available, our eyes are not getting any younger. On the touch screen, it sure makes enlarging photos posted on the forum really easy, so there's your justification for it if you needed it.

My personal fav is Microsofts' line of Surface Pro pc's, but I'm sure you can find what you want/need from any of the big names.
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