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Well, I got an official notice that Herr Gates is no longer supporting my Windows 7 and recommends that I should have already bought a new computer with his uber wonderful Windows 10 on it, so I'm now officially procrastinating on said purchase and re-education.

This looks like the machine PC recommended earlier. Price seems acceptable (on accounta I got no idea what it should cost), so I clicked on the button to "Customize and Buy" to find out what were my options. That's when I got the screen I linked above, which made me wanna continue procrastinating.

How they expect us mere mortals to understand all that nonesense?!!

The first thing I knew I wanted was additional RAM. But even at that they managed to confuse me by offering an upgrade to 1x8GB or 2x4GB. I added a second 4GB card to my current machine and I get by OK with 8GB, but why would they offer two fours, or one eight and either one for the same price? Is there any difference in the performance either way?

And would having 16MB really make a difference to the user who doesn't play games and such?

Says it has a SATA Class 20 Solid State Drive. I do know I want the SSD and was glad to see it in there, but I dunno what Class 20 is. Best I can tell online, I'm not the kinda user who really needs a Class 40. Or 50. Can anyone comment on that?

If any of youins geeks wanna look through some of those options and find the ones make you say, "Oooooo, I'd get that," please feel free. I'm not worried about spending more dinero to get what I want, but looking at that list I'm very much aware that I might no know what I want.

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