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Thanks Jadnashua,

I am using USG Durock Cement Board, which I believe is true cement board. The manufacturer installation instructions state to put 1/4" spacers to hold the bottom edge off the shower pan. That seems to contradict what you suggested but they also seem to be directing towards using their membrane for waterproofing. Maybe I will go "new school" on the next shower but I guess at this point I would prefer to continue along with the conventional method.

So my sequence would be liner, then cement board (being careful not to damage the liner), then top mud pan, then curb.

Waterproofing the cement board is another step I guess I should confirm. I realize I am opening myself up to more questioning

I was intending to imbed fiber tape into thinset for all joints and corners including the floor. Then waterproofing with redgard or equivalent.

I have been searching the website for an overall guide but have not been able to locate. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it and maybe I could stop questioning every step LOL
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