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Yes, Amtrak is still running, and actually has a whistle stop in Taylor, TX. Costs way more than I'd like - about what a plane ticket would, and takes over a day to get there from my house. I looked into that prior to going there for training the first time.

There's a gyro CFI in NH that I may deal with. He's not a designated examiner, though, so for that test, I might need to go to TX, or one of the other places. I'll look into that once I'm ready for the exam. It shouldn't take all that long once I get my plane, since I'll have to fly it 40-hours for test. If I can't perfect my additional skills needed by then, I probably shouldn't have those privileges. I need at least a controlled airspace endorsement to fly out of my home airport. The additional skills include a dual cross-country at night, short field takeoff, and steep turns, all of which I've done in a fixed-wing, and don't see any issues with the gyro. All in all, I only need about 8-hours, and I'll be flying at least 40, so should be fairly proficient to take the test once I can fly the plane anywhere away from the designated test area (usually, about 25Nm from the home airport). That area hasn't been assigned, since we haven't done the registration yet.

Once all of that is done, I may just fly it places I'd like to go across the country. Need to get a good feel for operating expenses. I have a fairly decent idea, but reality may adjust those!
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