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Good point about the plywood Wayne, I'd forgotten that it's actually a bit less than 3/4". That makes the shower floor just that much higher, compounding the issue. The ply I installed is 23/32.

Technically, I need the Hardie under the shower pan only. I recessed the entire subfloor to be between the joists (enabling the curbless design). Recessing it allowed me to flatten and level it as well, and there are a few joist bays were the recessed ply is 1/8" ish above the tops of the joists, which the Hardie will easily bridge. But, if I raise the height of the pan I so too must I raise the height of the main floor.

So now the height difference is even a bit greater than my rough estimate. I don't know that I'm skilled enough to make up over a 1/16th of an inch difference with mortar.

I think the way forward is to swap out the 1/4" Ditra Heat mat with 5/16" Ditra Heat Duo mat.
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