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Big push this past weekend was to get all the wall board up.

As I think I already mentioned I decided to use USG's shower system components. In order to minimize wall seams I hunted down (with the help if their local service Rep) and killed 4 sheets of 1/2"X4'X8' of their foam backer board. It seems to have a plasticy water proof material on both sides and installs using their CBU screws - no washers needed. It is very easy to work with.

Ended up going with drywall over the wall hung toilet framing. Given the number of holes and cut outs needed, and that I didn't want any seams, I was super happy that I obsessed over getting the framing square, level, and plumb. Geberit instructions called for ZERO clearance around the rectangular mud ring (I guess their flush plates are just that close). Made all my measurements from the top and the right side of the framing, transferred them to the sheet, and went at it. Like a glove.

Next up: taping and mudding hell. LOL
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