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Tool Guy:
About 7 inches on the sides and 10 inches on the top.
Sticks out 2.5 inches

When you say building with combustible materials, I know you mean wood. Does it not matter then that the whole firebox is framed in wood, with it sitting on wood. It is a gas fireplace. Does that make a difference?

Found the Code, NFPA 211: and, that relates to combustible materials. Thank you for your input. I have to raise the top of the mantel to 12 inches above the opening. This is form the NFPA 2016 code and this seems to be the most recent code on their site. Please inform me if I am mistaken.

Also, I did not see any additional comments regarding the amount it extends in NFPA 2016 211 code. If you could direct me to your info that would be very helpful.

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