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Building Up A Wall for Arabesque Tile

I have a wall.
It has a fire place (gas).
It wants new tile.
I have arabesque tile (pulled off the mesh sheets it was on, approx 6" tall x 4' wide tiles)
I am using Kerabond/Keralastic.

The Problem:
The bottom 8 inches of the wall falls behind the very bottom lip of the fire place surround metal thing. I am tiling above the bottom lip (which was haw it wa originally done by the builders). The gap between the drywall and the lip is enough that the tiles won't be flat against each other and will in fact look like crap.
The question: How should I build up the wall? Multiple applications of thin set? Drywall Mud? (Though I don't believe that the Mapei will stick to that, Hmmmm)
Can I use bass wood/craft wood to build it up?

I really don't want to rip the wall out again. I tried to build it out before while making the side all match up nicely.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Oh, for some reason the thin set didn't really want to stick to the wall, I am thinking that since it is fresh drywall that has no mud or primer on it, that maybe my thin set should be a little more wet. Dunno.

IMAGES: The one with the green tile was the original. They were glued onto drywall. The drywall picture is where I'm at: you can see the shadow that is made by the tab. I did rebuild that wall and got the gap smaller, but shimming the bottom piece of drywall out more would make it not line it up to the side pieces.
The last image shows the shamed out bottom.
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