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Work continues, albeit at a dreadfully slow pace.
Majority of old plumbing has been removed, joists have been planned and sanded down to remove the ginormous crown shown above. Joists have been bolted together where they overlap, and I'm finishing up moving the hvac duct from one joist bay to another (approximately zero fun, that) to make room for the toilet waste line to run to the other end of the room. A basic floor plan has also been developed (which I will post here asap).

The plan has the shower on one of the 7' walls, roughly a 40" X 7' shower. It shall be curbless. The wall separating the shower area from the rest of the room will be a combination of knee wall and glass; 2' of KW and 3' of glass, leaving 2' open, which will be the entrance to the shower. Shower head(s) will be at the end opposite the entrance. Natch.

Which leads me to an actual question: Should/must the entire 40"X7' of the shower area be sloped shower pan, or can I get away with just 5' of it sloped, with the remaining 2' flat - but water proofed?
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