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Much appreciated, Dan. I used Norton many years ago and banned it from further consideration back then due to some serious problems attributed to having it on my confuser (diagnosis by paid geeks) and never had any truck with it since.

I'll try that tailoring of start-up when I get the new machine (early February) and see what I can do with it. That function apparently not available with Windows 7, or at least I can't find it on this machine.

I ordered the new machine with the larger hard drive, a single 8GB Ram with space for another 8GB card. Cost plenty dinero and I guess we'll see if it was all worthwhile.

I bought, for 44 bucks, one year of promised help from actual English speaking geeks at Dell. I'd never heard of that "service" whereby you get to contact only USA-based tech service instead of overseas tech service. From my past experience with Dell I think that might be the very best part of this "deal."

I was not aware that new laptops now commonly do not have CD/DVD drives in them at all. Was gonna be a deal killer for me on accounta for two months a year as a bread and butter item I need to be able to run a particular topo map program that still has DVD based maps. Elected to buy a separate USB connected DVD drive instead and hope it works.

Bottom line: I gave Herr Dell a gaggle of dollars and he promised to send me a miraculous new machine to further complicate my life. More to follow.......

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