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Hi Carl. Sure, you can use a ledger board but there are a few things to consider first. The first thing I do is check the tub at all 3 walls for level. If you're going to start at the tub with full tiles, you want to start at the lowest point. If the tub is level all the way around (which usually isn't the case) then you can start full tiles on the tub on the back wall and tile away. Like we talked before when it was tiled the first time, if you're using the same 4x16 tiles, starting full tiles at the tub should avoid the sliver at the ceiling.

I would also check to see what size cuts I would have at the top and bottom of the niche. Against the tub and ceiling are more important but you don't want to have a very small cut around the niche.

Don't know if you planned it out or not but I like to build the niche to have full tiles around it whenever possible.

I'm typing too slow. Two youngsters jumped in there ahead of me.

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