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Edge issues tiling countertop mobile home

All -- we have a mobile home near the coast, as a "temporary" (grin) vacation get-away. We've been fixing it up as best as possible, and my wife would love to tile the nasty laminate kitchen countertop and a standalone island we built. She bought a bunch of American Olean 4" square black ceramic wall tile.

I've done lots of floor tile work in our main house, but this is the first counter project I've done.

I know the 'right' way is to rip out the existing laminate counter and rebuild with plywood. However, I'm not a great carpenter, and I'd like to minimize cost. I was thinking, instead, of just screwing 1/4" backer-board to the existing laminate. But this raises an issue:

2" thickness laminate + 1/4" backer plus tile, and thinset, and I'm close to 3" of thickness. Every piece of trim tile I can find: bullnose, radiused bullnose, or sink-rail (V-cap) is only 2" wide. American Olean does make a 4" radiused bullnose tile, but not in 'black' which is the color the wife wants.

What options exist for handling a thick edge like this? I'm really loathe to have a grout-line running 2/3 of the way down, and have to cut a thin strip of tile to make up the difference between the 2" of bullnose and the bottom if that makes sense...

Many thanks!
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