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Shower project advice request

Hello everyone,

First time poster but I’ve been reading through various threads for a bit. I had originally started posting about this in another forum but thought I’d take it over here for additional advise.

Basically what started off as plans to regrout my shower turned into a complete tear out once I realized there was water damage behind the wall opposite the shower head. Shower consisted of a insert shower pan with tiled walls. Home was built in 73 and the tile only had drywall behind it with no waterproofing so I completely tore the tiles and walls out. Subfloor was 1/2 plywood and it had joints that weren’t even resting on the joist below so I recently just took that out as well and that’s basically where I’m at right now.

I attached a picture with the floor removed. Still need to clean up the edges a bit but I should be able to get it cut flush with the wall. I’m a complete first timer for a project like this so just taking things one step at a time and trying to figure it out on the go. Couple questions I’m hoping i can get help with.

First I’m wondering what I need/should do to strengthen the subfloor as far as sistering joist and what not. Hopefully someone can give recommendations based on the picture. The joist are 2x8. I think I’ll definitely have to sister the joist closest to the tile floor as there’s not enough of it exposed to screw the new subfloor down to.

Second is I’m wondering if I need to match the old subfloor with 1/2 plywood and then add another layer of 3/4 or can I just go straight for the 3/4 since the cut is flush with the walls anyway.

Any other advise going forward id appreciate. Nothing is set in stone but right now I’m leaning towards going with a premade Kerdi base and curb and tile just FYI. Maybe even using Kerdi board for the walls. Let me know if any additional info is needed.

Thanks for any input!

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